Cyber Security: Everything You Need To Know

As per Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020, “About 46% of the businesses & 26% of charities reported cybercrime in the 12 months.
What does it mean? Does IT cybersecurity teams are struggling to level up with the current cyber crimes? Cyber Security is the way to secure your internet-connected systems like electronic devices, computers, servers, data from any cyberthreat. This practice is widely used by organizations & individuals to protect unauthorized access to data.
A strong cybersecurity strategy can offer adequate security against cyber attacks created to alter, access, delete, destroy an organization’s or individual’s systems & personal data.

Why Cyber Security Is So Important?

With the increase in the number of equipment, users & their sensitive data, the need for cybersecurity continues to grow in the modern world.
Still, a survey conducted by Forrester Consulting found that “59% of security & IT managers think they are ‘ticking the security compliance box’ their employees report a huge disconnect.”

Types Of Cyber Attacks

Some of the cybersecurity attacks are listed below:

Malware is malicious code or software such as spyware, worms, trojan horse, ransomware & viruses used to attack personal data badly. Malware is activated in a system whenever the user clicks on a malicious link or attachment, which starts installing harmful software.

Denial of Service
A malicious attempt aims to contribute the data unavailable to its user by disturbing the device’s functioning.

Password Attack
In the year 2020, about 81% of data attacks were because of the compromised credentials. A password attack is when a hacker tries to steal your password to gain access to your account.

Man in the Middle
A man-in-the-middle attack happened when a person obstructs two people’s conversation either just secretly seeing it or by modifying the traffic between them.

Phishing is one of the significant types of cybercrime. The targeted person is contacted by fraud in the name of trusted institutions to ask for sensitive data like banking details etc.

SQL Injection
Type of the web security vulnerability that enables an attacker to intervene between an application & its database with SQL queries.

DNS Tunneling
DNS (Domain Name System) is a protocol that converts a user-friendly URL of the website into IP addresses understood by the machine. Cybercriminals know very well that DNS is most trusted. Many organizations do not monitor DNS traffic as it is used as a data carrier. As a result, cybercriminals tunnel malware by using DNS protocol to exchange data.

Benefits Of Cyber Security

Business Protection
The most significant advantage of cybersecurity is that it provides digital security to your organization that enables your employees to surf the internet according to their needs. It is safe against any malicious activity.

Encourage Customers Confidence
As if you can prove in front of your customers that your business is secure against any cyber attack, you can quickly gain their confidence because everyone is concerned about their data security.

Personal Information Protection
Personal Information is one of the major commodities in this digital era. So, cybersecurity acts as a protective shield for the personal data of your employees & customers.

Enhancing Productivity
Virus slows down the computers or even makes it impossible to work. Hence, become a reason behind wastage of time for your employees & organization.
So, cybersecurity helps to enhance productivity by securing computers or data from any kind of cybercriminal activity.

Stops Going Down Of Your Website
As an organization, there is a probability that you are running your website. If your system gets infected, then there is a fair possibility that your website is forced to shut. Consequently, you will lose the money by wrong transactions & your customer’s trust also.

Support IT Expert
It might be an unpleasant thing for you to listen. But, most of the cyber-criminals are much more knowledgeable than an IT expert of the organization. Therefore, cybersecurity systems help the organization from cybercrime by equipping them with various features & support.

Cyber Safety Tips

Update your software & operating system from time to time
Use anti-virus to protect your data from any cyber attack
Avoid using free public wi-fi
Use strong passwords for your different accounts
Do not click & open on links from unknown mails

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