Challenges You Going To Face When Building A Chatbot

A chatbot is a part of the software or an artificial intelligence software that is used for conversation through audio and text. A chatbot is pre-programmed responses or artificial intelligence that does not need any kind of human assistance to answer any question. A chatbot has multiple names such as interactive agent, virtual assistant, and conversational interface, etc. Though the names are different, the main motive of these bots is the same-to answer to every question promptly and efficiently.

Types of Chatbot

Basically, the chatbots are categorized into two main categories:-
Rule-based chatbots
AI chatbots

Challenges while building a Chatbot

Time-Consuming:- It is very time-consuming to build a chatbot. If you are making a chatbot for any organization then, of course, you have multiple questions and every single question has 100 answers and you require 10 plus variations of the answer. Then you will need to create 1000 exceptions which are very time-consuming.
Requires Expensive AI Resources:- After building a chatbot which is having 1000 variations, maintaining accuracy is still a big issue. So, to make a chatbot updated an organization needs expensive AI specialists.
Requires soft characteristics:- Persona, character, and tone are some features of the chatbot that enables it to behave like a human which is very difficult to maintain.
Handoffs:- Handoffs might not be an obligation for all the chatbots but if you making a chatbot for a customer service organization then handoffs come into the picture between bots and humans where there is a complex interaction.

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