How To Reduce Kids Screen Time?

Have you seen a horror movie and remained scared all night, or have you cried with your daily soap character? The answer is, “Yes.”
So, this is the impact of screens on our lives. Now, just imagine the effect of screens on our children, according to the fact that maximum brain development occurs between the age of 7 to 12. And further building by 12, what children see and hear at this age will make their future. In today’s world, screen time becomes a dilemma for parents because today’s children are more indulged in digital stuff.
On one side, you can’t completely take them off from technology because that will adversely affect them.
And on the other hand, the problem of too much screen time arises.

Impact of Screen Time on Children

Headache- Too much exposure to bright blue light coming from the TV screen, generally causes headaches in children.
Poor Vision- I think everyone agrees with this point as every other child is wearing spectacles nowadays because too much screen time can strain the child’s eyes.
Reduction in Physical Activity- With the exciting content available on-screen, physical activity for a child becomes a task. They do not want to play outdoor games as they indulge themselves only with mobile phones and TV screens.
Incorrect Posture- Excessive time in front of the filter affects your child’s posture. Your child remains in unhealthy positions for a more extended period, which ultimately becomes the reason for neck pain etc.
Irregular Sleep Cycle- A child who is spending more time in front of the screen, especially before bedtime, faces difficulty in his/her sleep. Also, it will affect their sleep cycle and become the main reason for many other diseases.

Alternatives to Engage Kids at Home

Here is the list of some traditional activities which are still adequate to make children involved at home
Reading- Try to engage your child in reading books, which will help build vocabulary, strengthen their brain, reduce stress, etc.
Playing Indoor Games- Play indoor games like chess, carom, which will improve your child’s cognitive skills, problem-solving nature, and creative thinking. Also, it will enhance your child’s engagement with family members.
Playing an Instrument or dancing- Try to motivate your child to dance or play an instrument like a guitar, which will teach the team-building skill in your child, and the brain capacity of your child also increases.

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