Mental Detox

We aristocratic Indians showcase the cognizance of being talented drivers Indians and hypothetically believe that we the natural inheritors of the roadbed on which we travel. With this frame of mind when we move on the roads and just imagine a so-called stupid person just lands in front of your car from nowhere. What would be the first reaction?? Quite obviously a heavy shower of ungenteel word salad in platterful. Isn’t it? And why not, of course, if the cup is filled with tea till the brim, it would spill up tea only and not coffee. Similarly, the person would also be filled with frustration, anger, dissatisfaction, and what not which are an obvious pour in this case.

Understand About Mental Detox

It is quite amazing that our body has an automated system of throwing away the waste matter outside and if it is retained the body shows symptoms of uneasiness. We cannot retain water or food or even air inside our bodies.

But as matter of fact, it is not true for our mind. Our mind is every minute fed with the trash of negativity, emotions like jealousy hatred anger dissatisfaction selfishness, and what not and when the bucket of mind overflows, it is generally dumped on others. Technically speaking it is a kind of COVID chain in which one infected person affects almost every human being coming in contact.

But what if this garbage instead of dumping on other people could be recycled and could be used for the constructive development of body and mind.

Here a few tips about Mental Detox:-

  1. Hit the gym: It is now scientifically proven that whenever you confront a negative emotion, sweat out physically. If not gym, run. If cannot run, skip. If even skipping is not possible at least try squats. I am sure not more than five times you would be able to do that but still do until your emotion melts. Also, you would realize that there are more difficult things in this world. I am specifically not suggesting meditation because I feel it is a tedious task, if you can do that you are good to go.
  2. Take up cleaning: Maybe your drawer, cupboard, or your room. Clean every single corner meticulously. Try it with loud music with your headphones. Just disconnect with everything outside delve into the depths of your favorite music.
  3. Call: Call up anyone from your contact list from whom you have not heard for quite a long time. It doesn’t matter if you the first one to call. Keep your ego aside for a while and just pick up the phone. If you can catch up for a cup of coffee, nothing would beat that up.
  4. Dress Up: get up, pick up your favorite attire, look beautiful, and move out. Sometimes your company proves to be the best. Take a round of the city and you will come back relaxed and refreshed.
  5. Practice Gratitude: Be thankful for the things you have.

Final Thoughts

In this world, the attitude of other people is not under our control. What is under our control is how we feed our minds. A deliberate effort is required unlike the rest of the automated system of our body to throw away the trash from our minds. Believe in your thoughts to make life beautiful. Know that the art of knowing is knowing what to ignore and if you cannot ignore, try the remedies.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: When life gives you lemon make lemonade.

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