Build Your Wings

Just read a provocative short story about a gosling who is standing at the edge of the cliff summoning up his strength to take his first flight. Despite encouragement from the siblings and parents, he is not able to leap. After a while, everybody leaves him all alone to enjoy the food brought by the gushing river flowing at the bottom of the cliff. He is deeply hungry but no one pays any attention to him since all their efforts to teach the young gosling to fly went down the drain. Finally, everyone decided to leave the gosling to his fate. Almost dying of hunger now, the gosling has no other option. Either he would die to starvation else he would die of the fall. Finally deciding, he walks to the edge of the cliff closes his eyes takes a deep breath, and jumps. And what next, initially the leap which he thought to be falling and crashing into the pointed cliffs was flying. His wings opened up and palpitations of heart controlled he opened up his eyes to see that he was flying.

Tips to Build Your Wings

Life is so similar. Everyone has got the wings but very few dare to take the risk and open them unaware of the fact that we all are born with wings to soar high in the vast expanses of the unlimited sky. In the fear of stumbling, falling, crashing lies the conundrum of life.

Uncertainty ambiguousness mistrust indecisiveness- all the chords compels the person to take a hasty retreat from climbing the staircase of success and remain to incarcerate to our hideaways. But we forget that life starts outside the comfort zone. Life is too short to live in the confines and the beauty of our lives in DOING and not just thinking to do. Let us generate possibilities, let us brush aside the fear, and let us break all the cords. Let us remember what you do today can improve all your tomorrow.

So get up and get started kyunki darr ke aage jeet hai!!!

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