Impact of Work From Home on Productivity

Well! This pandemic taught us a lot of new things, one of which is working while staying at home. However, work from home is not a totally new concept as prior to the pandemic, it was increasing.
Now, in the wake of COVID-19, many businesses from big to small scale have shifted their organization to work from the home culture in a larger number than ever before.

Impact of Work of Home on Productivity
For new remote workers, work from home is a completely new field. Office-bound employees who work at 9 am to 5 pm shift found work from home an ideal way in terms of flexibility because now they don’t need to commute daily to their office, there is no need for any dress code, no more strict working hours for many employees.
But, with all the flexibility they are getting, their productivity suffers.
Obviously, it is due to the available distractions while working from home like watching TV, doing household chores, our family, etc.
Although, as per Prodoscore reports, there is an increase in productivity by 47% since March 2020 as compared to March 2019.
So, if I say we have a number of distractions while doing work from home doesn’t completely mean that the overall productivity is decreasing.
Various surprising stats are available showing that there is an increase in productivity while working from home. Still, we need to know the multiple ways to increase productivity while ignoring distractions.

Tips To Lift Productivity While Working Remotely

After having all the modern comforts for working, still, 54% of remote workers feel over-stressed during weekdays.
Consequently, to help yourself & your team to stay focused & efficient while maintaining a good work-life balance during work from home, let’s discuss a few points:

Follow A Schedule
Well! It is not so easy to follow a schedule in remote working like the one you are following while working from your office.
Still, you have to give at least a try to that working model & you’ll see the magic. It is not only helpful in maintaining a nice work-life balance but your stress level also reduces.

Keep A To-Do List
A survey by Airtasker reveals that 30% of the employees following a to-do list at the start of their day helps themselves in increasing productivity.
First, start this technique by doing it yourself & after becoming a champ in this, help your colleagues to increase productivity & combat stress by following a to-do list.

Take Breaks
Working remotely doesn’t mean that you work continuously without even taking breaks. Like our body, our mind also needs breaks. Thus, it is pretty important to take short breaks to refresh your mind. Your productivity increases only if your mind is fresh.

Eliminate Distractions
Mostly, while working remotely we don’t even think about this factor like we start working by accessing our laptops from any of our rooms or even in the bed itself. But, we face a lot of distractions over there.
So, always try to pick a secluded corner of your home to set up your office. It will definitely help you to keep yourself engaged in official work by eliminating the distractions of your place.

By following these simple tips & tricks, productivity will definitely increase as well as you’ll feel fresh & fine.

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