Technology in Education

In the present era, the presence of technology is everywhere. The new software is introduced in the market every other day that makes our lives easier. In the education sector also, technology is rapidly increasing its importance it is not matter you may study in Australia or the public schools of the United States, at least one computer is given to a group of five students. Technology has given various tools to immigration centers while taking student visa Australia or USA, agents for study visa, teachers and students which helps in teaching and learning both.

Technology helps in Improving the Education Sector

Teachers can share their views and resources online:-Communication across the world is possible which helps to remove the shortcomings in work and after refining, give the most desirable to their students.

Online learning option:- Online education is now a much-preferred option because it can be accessible 24*7.

Students and teachers have excess to abundant stuff:- There are lots of education material present over the internet which is accessible by teacher and student both. Now, the students do not limit themselves to only one mentor.

Research work is possible for students at a young age:- With the help of technology only, students have access to various study materials which is helpful in their study and research work.

Here are some virtual classroom tools and apps:-
1. Virtual Classroom
2. BrainCert
3. Virtual Blackboard
4. Eliademy
5. Google Classroom
6. Electa Live
7. Liveboard interactive whiteboard
8. EZ talks Webinar
9. Blackboard Collaborate
10. WizIQ

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