A for ATTITUDE – A Little Things That Makes Big Difference

Gone are the days when children sang in unison A for apple. In techno-driven times, the nursery rhymes for A B C’s have changed. In the subsequent articles, we will look at life from new words to learn for A B C.

To begin with, let me remind you of a story which all of us would have heard, where a cockroach lands upon a tempting dish a lady was about to savour in the restaurant. A lot of hue and cry, the lady runs hither tither, tables and crockery messed up, delicate darlings screaming ( some of them don’t even know the reason but since all are screaming so as add up to the crass cacophony), the manger shouting out at the staff, some silent spectators whispering and adding to the aura of confusion but nobody doing anything except for waiting for someone to step forward to help or just complaining but the only thing which was calm and composed was Mr Cockroach and it seemed that the dish was so tasty that Mr cockroach wanted it all for itself. Finally, a composed and placid waiter arrived who cautiously picked it up and threw it off. Pheww…… on a personal note I just can’t tolerate the sight of this Godly creature.

Understand A Little Things That Makes Big Difference

This is probably most of us – either mute spectators or the part of a jarring noisy crowd. We adopt a passive attitude in case we are not directly the bull’s eye. Is it the right kind of attitude?  It is rightly said that one should live life as when you live, people love living with you, and when you die they miss you. It is needless to mention that here that this is only achieved by the people who live with the right kind of Attitude. People who know when to react and how to react.

Every individual born on this earth has come with his own sets of limitations and chains which bind our paths and the one thing which separates us from each other is our Attitude towards things and people.

The very characterization of a person is whether we REACT or RESPOND to any situation.

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