Books are My Utopia

In a world full of deceit, jealousy, hypocrisy, ambidexterity, smoke and mirrors

In the world where no one has a genuineness and every soul is filled with jitters

In the world where no one has time for each other

I feel far off from this world immersed in my life free of fritters.

About Books are My Utopia

Strangely enough, does that kind of world exist? Or is it just one of the wild fantasies or a medium of escape? Yes, it does exist, and that is the world of books.  Aren’t they are our constant companions for whom we don’t have to wait? On the contrary, books keep waiting for us to pick. You want to go back to nature, pick soulful poetry of romantics, want to delve into theology and metaphysics, Milton is here to guide, I want to laugh out louder, and Three Men in a Boat will take you to a roller coaster ride. Whatever mood you may be in, there is a book for every mood. The books won’t lie to you. They won’t ask you to change yourself on someone else’s wish or parameters. They don’t ask questions rather offer answers to our troublesome questions. They teach us to empathize and opens a different world view. Most importantly, books are non-judgmental. They will not tell you to be sad, rather they would tell you that it is OK to be sad.

This is just a drop in an ocean of what books are to us. A Quick Tip for tech kids- chose a book instead of a person.

Well said by Eliot: “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are most constant of friends most accessible and wisest of counsellors and the most patient of teachers.”

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