Must Watch Netflix Series this season

There’s nothing like sitting by a roaring fire in your woolly socks on a cold, windswept winter night than NETFLIX and CHILL! You’re wrapped in a blanket and holding a steaming mug of hot chocolate with a fountain of marshmallows on the rim, ready to spill over the lip and into your lap at any moment. We’ve got you a list of must-watch Netflix shows this season. 




Growing up, the one thing most of us lacked was Sex Ed. That is a big part of why kids, and even adults, have trouble figuring out who they are. Netflix’s Sex Education, which is certainly one of the best shows on the service right now, may have changed that and sparked a discussion on some serious gender and sexuality-related issues. Its honest portrayal of sex and relationships makes it a must-see, even if you just want to learn something new.

The fact that the main character’s mother is a sex therapist kicks things off in the show, making a lot of normally uncomfortable topics easy and even natural in the series! The show is tremendously diverse, as well as extremely inclusive, which is something that we appreciate. It doesn’t approach sex from a ‘sexy’ view, but rather through a more realistic and accessible lens.



ELITE (2018- )


The sitcom follows three working-class teenagers who enrol at an extremely exclusive private school, which has recently been renewed for two more seasons. It’s a ‘guilty pleasure’ show with a sense of mystery, and the reviews have been tremendously good.

The show explains how the adolescents’ ambitions and wants finally lead to the murder of one student and the disappearance of another, making it a captivating teen drama with a mystery twist. While the mystery is the show’s backbone, it also allows it to address more common concerns of coming of age, such as how far one will go to fit in, the struggles of being gay in a conservative household, and the drawbacks of living in the age of social media.




This snappy, humorous, and touching coming-of-age drama is exactly what we need right now. Never Have I Ever is a film co-created by Mindy Kaling and influenced by her own background. It follows Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), an Indian-American high school sophomore striving to have a regular American teen experience. 





Bridgerton, a sensual and artistically appealing picture of London’s Regency Era, was an instant hit and soon rose to the top of Netflix’s best series list! Because Gen-Z enjoys powerful visuals, the candy-coloured backdrops and lavish costumes played a big role in creating excitement surrounding the presentation. You can bet on the steamiest scenes as well as characters repeatedly shattering the patriarchy.



SCHITT’S CREEK (2015-2020)


This show’s unusual name may have made you pass it up anytime it appeared on Netflix’s ‘trending’ list, but if you take a risk on it, you will not be disappointed! Not only did the sitcom win multiple Emmys and a Golden Globe, but it also won our hearts.

The writers discovered a way to pull numerous laughs and lesson points from a narrative about a wealthy family losing everything and having to live in a motel. That isn’t even the show’s main selling point; the characters and the show’s progressive concept make it well worth your time. The way this top Netflix series portrays LGBTQ relationships and doesn’t make a big deal out of them is a highlight, along with protagonists like Moira, David, Alexis, and pretty much everyone else!



PEAKY BLINDERS (2013-2022) 


This is a show you will definitely like if Victorian crime shows are your thing. Peaky Blinders, based on a crime family of the same name in Birmingham, England, and their near-invincible boss Thomas Shelby, should be on your radar as a Netflix TV drama. It has a weird dark industrial setting as a backdrop, interesting characters brought to life by exceptional actors, and a fantastic storyline, but Cillian Murphy’s portrayal of Tommy Shelby is reason enough to binge-watch this show.





This is without a doubt one of Netflix’s most popular shows in recent years, one that has absolutely taken over the entertainment world. The nicest aspect about Stranger Things is that it is deserving of all of the attention and praise it has earned thus far. The show centres around the storey of a group of children in a small village and their frightening encounters with the realm of monsters, and it will suck you in like a vortex from the moment you hit play. The cast is very charming, which is one of the main reasons you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching it all in one sitting!


DARK (2017-2020)


This popular science fiction show alternates between three timelines: the past, present, and future. Did we mention there are two universes? That’s correct, this show will take you on a rollercoaster experience that will change your life forever! Mostly because you’ll be well-versed in a wide range of scientific theories and the plot twists will astound you.

It is without a doubt one of Netflix’s best shows, and despite being originally produced in German, it has been adored by millions of people all over the world! You may find it difficult to keep track of the characters and connect them in each timeline, or you may find yourself scratching your head at some of the logical puzzles it presents. But what good is the best Netflix series if it doesn’t make your brain spin?



MONEY HEIST (2017-2021) 


How can a person fall in love with a thief? You’ll know if you watch Money Heist, one of Netflix’s best series. In the first season, eight burglars plan and carry out the most flawless robbery ever inside the Royal Mint of Spain, aided by The Professor – our favourite character of all! His wit and charisma are essential to the show, and they add a fresh dimension to a crime thriller like this.

This is not your typical criminal show, with its spine-chilling sequences and bonding moments between the protagonists. This one, too, has a tale to tell, and once you start watching, you’ll know precisely what it is. The series’ theme song, Bella Ciao, is another highlight, which you’ll be singing long after you’ve seen all of the current seasons – guarantee!



THE CROWN (2016- )


Even those who aren’t interested in politics on a daily basis will be enthralled by The Crown’s excellent performances and gripping plotline. It does an excellent job of keeping you captivated to the screen by tracing the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The show is more than just a weekend binge, and it will cause you to pause and reflect more than the total number of episodes in the series.

It focuses on how the British Royal Family, particularly Queen Elizabeth’s reign, has shaped some of the most significant events of the twentieth century in a significant, though not totally peasant, way.



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